Prudential Connecticut Realty Relocation

Keeping you in control of costs. Keeping you in control of your life.

An employee’s productivity during a relocation is often directly linked to the ease with which that employee’s family leaves a home in one community – and starts feeling at home in another. That’s why no matter how you look at it, the essence of relocation is real estate.

By linking a full-service relocation company with North America’s most experienced and educated real estate sales force, Prudential Connecticut Realty International Relocation Services is uniquely able to keep transferring families feeling in control of their individual moves – while keeping our corporate and government clients in control of their bottom lines.

That’s what it takes!

It takes control to beat the stress and cost of relocating. Cheryl Finley can offer it to you and your employees through a range of customized processes and service delivery. From emphasis on providing a single point of contact, to the ability to offer the services of North America’s largest network of Certified Relocation Professionals, the sole focus is on providing the knowledge, commitment, consistency and flexibility that best serve your needs.

If you’ve been wishing there were more reliable, cost-efficient alternatives to your current relocation services, consider your wishes fulfilled.

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