Deciding to sell your home is a tremendous financial and emotional decision. Choosing an establish and trusted Realtor® can help turn this stressful, confusing process into a stress-free transaction. Using a REALTOR® means you and your family can focus on starting your new lifestyle without worrying about the hassle of selling your current home.

That’s what choosing me is all about.

  • Step 1: Plan and Prepare to Sell Your House- Putting your house on the market doesn’t happen overnight. Most homes need thorough assessments as well as paint jobs and repairs. As the real estate market changes, you may also want to wait for a particular time of year or market climate before listing your home for sale. Planning ahead is a huge advantage to placing your home on the market at the right time to get it sold fast.
  • Step 2: Stage Your Home- The difference between a staged home and an un-staged home can translate to thousands of dollars in the sale price. Clutter often makes rooms seem smaller, and overwhelming decorations may prevent a potential buyer from envisioning their own style in the room. This is a time to truly accept that you’re moving forward and allow yourself to picture your home through potential buyers’ eyes. Check out our Staging Checklist to get some fast & easy tip to getting your home ready to sell.
  • Step 3: Get a REALTOR®- Finding an Realtor® trained in your local market trends can help ensure you receive the best offer on your home as quickly as possible. REALTORS® have access to more marketing possibilities than the average home seller, which means that your home listing will reach more potential buyers in less time. Your REALTOR® will also be instrumental in finalizing the paperwork involved with closing on your home sale.
  • Step 4: Set the Price- Did I mention my site is a powerhouse of information? Check out my Local Market Reports and discover up-to-date real estate data that is pulled directly from the MLS OR you can use my Free Home Valuation page to request a full CMA on your home that will give you detailed & recent Market trends, recently sold properties, pending property sales, comparable homes values, neighborhood values, and more. This along with my knowledge and experience is the best way to get an accurate estimate of what your home will sell for in today’s real estate market. Together we can combine your selling needs, the market data and my experience to set the best selling price for your home to get it sold fast and for top dollar.
  • Step 5: Market Your Home- As a licensed Realtor® the first step is to turn to the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) first by entering your home into the online database. I also have a large client base and can specifically target them with mailings, new-listing announcements, and company newsletters. In addition, I offer services other REALTORS® don’t! I market your home through many of the major online sources including Google, Yahoo Real Estate, YouTube, Trulia, Zillow & more. Having a strong internet marketing strategy is essential to selling your home fast.
  • Step 6: Sell Your Home- Having an experienced REALTOR® in your corner is especially important come negotiation time. This is more than just a financial arrangement, it’s an emotional one, as well. Selling your home can mean a job change, school changes for your children, and possibly leaving behind everything familiar to you and your family. People will be coming in and out of your home, sizing it up for themselves. As your REALTOR®, I will wear many hats, and you can be confident that I know my market thoroughly and can answer all questions about your home & the market. From fielding phone calls about your home to drafting complex paperwork, I will work hard to make your home selling process as stress-free as possible.
  • Step 7: Closing- Once you’ve finally accepted an offer on your home, inspections will be done to satisfy both the buyer and their mortgage lender. Many sale agreements are incredibly complex and feature a number of qualifications and fine print. I am familiar with these documents and can help guide you through the process.
  • Step 8: Moving- Depending on how far you’re moving, you may require the assistance of a professional mover. Large, bulky items like television sets and furniture are not generally accepted by companies like FedEx or UPS. Consider not only the cost to move, but other factors like time and proper equipment. Though professional movers may seem pricey at first, when you look at the time and money to get similar results, you may re-consider. Be sure to get moving estimates in writing and compare several companies. Ask for discounts and be sure to only use licensed, bonded movers. Also make a checklist so that you’re organized and efficient. I often have knowledge of many local companies that can make your move easier.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I’m always available and looking forward you helping you with any of your real estate needs!